The FDT 3.0 standard was developed based off industry-driven feedback and will provide control system and device vendors with the opportunity to advance their intelligent automation solution offerings with a flexible and scalable FDT IIoT platform empowering a standards-based, platform independent, information-driven business models meeting the demands of the process and discrete markets. FDT 3.0 will empower the intelligent enterprise by transforming manufacturing practices, enabling open, secure and flexible deployment architectures and sensor-to-cloud integration with embedded OPC Unified Architecture (UA) and Web Servers, as well as built-in security features and deployment options for cloud, edge, on-premise and desktop environments.

Topics Covered in Day One

  • General FDT Overview
  • FDT 3.0 Platform Introduction
  • Demos – OPC UA, Raspberry Pi, Flowserve DTM demo (using the FDT Webserver and FDT OPC UA server along with a custom portal)
  • Current Products and Use Cases

Link to View Day Two: