Abstract: In an industrial environment, asset health monitoring is key for making informed decisions about maintenance activity, component replacement etc., to reduce the plant downtime and improve asset performance. FDT Group’s emerging FDT IIoT Server (FITS) architecture empowers a robust FDT Server solution featuring a client-server architecture scalable to suit the needs of a single manufacturing facility or an entire industrial enterprise by enabling secure mobile, cloud, on-premise, edge and enterprise-wide applications. The FDT Server natively integrates an OPC UA Server which exposes information about the devices connected to the FDT Server via the OPC UA companion specification Information Model. Any authenticated OPC UA Client can fetch the device information from the OPC UA Server via Request-Response Pull mechanism. This paper focuses on the FITS architecture by enabling the OPC UA Server with OPC PubSub mechanism, so that the remote asset health monitoring application can monitor the asset health in a different network, using various messaging protocols like AMQP, MQTT utilizing pull mechanism. This reduces the message traffic between Asset Health Monitoring Application and the FDT Server, improving the performance and scalability.