FDT Group Sponsors "Device Integration Strategies" e-Newsletter

Newsletter and Microsite Focuses on Simplifying Device-level Networking

Jodoigne, Belgium, 26 November 2013

China Approves FDT® as a China National Standard

End Users of FDT Now Assured of a Globally Accepted Standard

Jodoigne, Belgium, 9 September 2013

ODVA and the FDT Group announce work to support CIP networks in FDT2™

Networks supported in FDT2 will include EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, CompoNet and ControlNet

Jodoigne, Belgium, 9 April 2013

FDT Group Showcases FDT2™ Products

FDT® member companies demonstrate state of the art FDT2 capabilities

Jodoigne, Belgium, 4 April 2013

FDT Group Showcases Factory and Process Automation

New FDT® demo highlights the use of the open FDT standard in process and factory automation

Jodoigne, Belgium, 4 April 2013