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The FDT Group has been instructed by its Board of Directors to fully enable the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) architecture. Built upon the rock solid FDT® standard, new initiatives will support mobility, on-the-wire security, and comprehensive interoperability.

While we work towards our goal of an “out-of-the-box” IIoT architecture, we turn to experts in the industry to help lead the way. FDT is a member-driven organization and we encourage members to get involved and participate in the many different technical and marketing working groups. These groups offer an opportunity to share your expertise; network with industry peers; gain early insight to technology direction, marketing strategies, and implementations; and much more.

Share your expertise and join FDT Technology project groups.

To participate contact Suriya Kumar Selvaraj (VP of FDT Technology)

FDT Specifications Project Groups (PG)A&S_WorkingGroup

  • FDT Core Specification
  • FDT (IEC 62453)  Specification PG
  • FDT Style Guide PG

Annexes Project Groups (PG)

  • Modbus Annex PG
  • HART Annex PG
  • OPC-UA Annex PG
  • CIP Annex PG
  • FOUNDATION fieldbus (FF) Annex PG
  • ISA100.11a Annex PG
  • IO-Link Annex PG
  • EtherCAT Annex PG
  • CC Link Annex PG
  • Interbus Annex PG
  • Sercos Annex PG
  • CANopen Annex PG
  • PLC FDT Interface PG

Share your expertise and join test and certification project groups.

To participate contact Suriya Kumar Selvaraj (VP of FDT Technology)

Test and Certification Project Groups (PG):

  • dtmINSPECTOR Project Group
  • Test and Certification Process Project Group

Share your expertise and join FDT Marketing project groups.

To participate, contact Glenn Schulz (FDT Managing Director)

Marketing Project Groups (PG):

  • Technical Marketing Project Group
  • Cooperation/Associations Project Group
  • EMEA Marketing Committee
  • North American Marketing Committee
  • Asia/Pacific Marketing Committee
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