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FDT® Technology holds the key to monitoring critical plant and factory operations to reduce costs associated with facility maintenance and installed smart devices. It makes device data available when and where it’s needed for automation, asset management and engineering systems, delivering important performance information to support operational excellence.

Single interface for lifecycle management

Single interface for lifecycle management

FDT’s support for smart instrumentation information monitoring optimizes the lifecycle cost of the plant while enhancing maintenance activities, increasing safety, and improving product quality.

By making use of open integration strategies, industrial organizations are able to implement centralized condition-based monitoring where field instrumentation can be accessed from a central station via third-party communication equipment working in the FDT® infrastructure.

With a single window to access information from a wide variety of machines and plant equipment, industrial firms can easily access and extract intelligent information via OPC UA from their most crucial assets. They can take advantage of a standardized software interface for condition monitoring of systems or process visualization applications.

FDT Technology’s method of communicating device and machine data using OPC UA will provide an effective combination of local control and monitoring with global overview and aggregation via cloud computing—without the need for end users to develop their own global IT infrastructure. This technique will also offer the advantages of relatively quick deployment and minimal overhead cost structure.

FDT Technology also makes use of advancements like the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0, and enables access to performance data for visualizing operational problems. It creates a single system infrastructure that standardizes the connection of industrial networks, automation systems and devices. Remote access to connected machines, production units and devices drives performance improvements.

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