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FDT Technology provides the only fully open and standardized architecture for asset integration, modularly built to change with industry demands for the “Connected World” of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Developed from the well-proven FDT standard, the FDT Group Board of Director’s vision will enable a single IIoT architecture supporting mobility, on-the-wire security, and comprehensive interoperability. The standard will also be platform-independent and can be deployed in a standalone, client/server, or cloud architecture.

A single, comprehensive IIoT architecture

A single, comprehensive IIoT architecture

Thanks to FDT®, plants and factories continue to enjoy the investment protection made possible by the interoperability of new and existing assets and communication protocols within the installed base. Systems and devices have the same look and feel across any network for any version of Device Type Manager™ (DTM™).

The current version of the FDT standard leverages years of practical field experience to offer a solution that supports modern operating environments and is highly extensible in order to support future requirements. The architecture was established based on the Microsoft .NET technology platform, which employs open standards and specifications, and offers all the properties needed by the latest software including web- and client/server-based systems.

All applications created in compliance with the current FDT specifications are digitally signed, providing tamper-proof data delivery and non-repudiation. And there is granular DTM security with enhanced user rights added to the security settings.

The current version of the FDT Standard maintains proven FDT heritage, but includes numerous performance enhancements while maintaining backward compatibility with the installed base of device DTMs and FRAME™ Applications. This approach eliminates “rip and replace” scenarios when utilizing different eras of field equipment and allows new and existing software to coexist.

FDT Technology is also fully compatible with the Field Device Integration (FDI) standard. This approach optimizes the benefits of both technologies to meet the needs of plants employing multiple industrial network protocols across the enterprise. Users of the current standard can freely mix “device drivers” such as a DTM™,  or other device representations (e.g., Device Description (DD), Electronic Device Description (EDD), FDI Device Packages, IODD’s and others) within a single FDT/FRAME™ enabled platform as a means to configure and maintain devices.

Looking ahead, the FDT standard will deliver a comprehensive IIoT architecture for the industry through the ecosystem of automation vendors enabling seamless interoperability, security and mobility through tomorrow’s new adaptive lifecycle manufacturing assets for the industrial automation process, hybrid and discrete user community.

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