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Below you will find a list of FDT/FRAMEs and FDT-enabled systems. FDT platforms provide the key to comprehensive interoperability for all networks, devices and device types, with sensor to cloud integration connecting the intelligent enterprise. A FDT/FRAME or FDT-enabled system is required to use a FDT/DTM, the robust intelligent device driver providing you with performance driven operational data.

CompanyFDT/FRAMEs & SystemsEngineering ApplicationFDT VersionMore Information
Bedrock AutomationBedrock™ Open Secure Automation (OSA™)Control SystemFDT 2.0Learn More
BürkertPACTware 5.0Device Management ToolFDT 2.0Learn More
Emerson Automation SolutionsAMS Device ManagerAsset Management Application FDT 2.0Learn More
Endress+HauserDeviceCare SFE100Device Management ToolFDT 2.0Learn More
Endress+HauserField Xpert SMT70Device Management ToolFDT 2.0Learn More
KROHNEPACTware 5.0Device Management ToolFDT 2.0Learn More
Mitsubishi Electric CorporationMELSOFT iQ WorksDCSFDT 2.0Learn More
M&M SoftwarefdtCONTAINER applicationDevice Management ToolFDT 2.0Learn More
OMRONCX-ConfiguratorFDTPLCFDT 2.0Learn More
Schneider ElectricConext CL Easy ConfigDevice Management ToolFDT 2.0Learn More
Schneider ElectricFoxboro EvoDCSFDT 2.0Learn More
SUPCONSAMSAsset Management ApplicationFDT 2.0Learn More
VEGAPACTware 5.0Device Management ToolFDT 2.0Learn More
WeidmullerWI-ManagerDevice Management ToolFDT 2.0Learn More
YokogawaPlant Resource Manager (PRM)Asset Management ApplicationFDT 2.0Learn More
YokogawaFieldMateDevice Management ToolFDT 2.0Learn More
Bopp&ReutherPACTware 4.1 Device Management ToolFDT 1.2.1Learn More
Endress+HauserFieldCare SFE500Device Management ToolFDT 1.2.1Learn More
Endress+HauserFieldCare SFE500 (with W@M)Asset Management ApplicationFDT 1.2.1Learn More
HoneywellExperion PKSDCSFDT 1.2.1Learn More
HoneywellField Device ManagerDevice Management ToolFDT 1.2.1Learn More
ICS GmbHPACTware 4.1 Device Management ToolFDT 1.2.1Learn More
SoftingPACTware 4.1Device Management ToolFDT 1.2.1Learn More
ABB AG - Process Automation Power GenerationSymphony Plus EngineeringDCSFDT 1.2Learn More
ABB Automation GmbHABB System 800xADCSFDT 1.2Learn More
Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KGTwinCAT 3PLCFDT 1.2Learn More
KROHNEPACTware 4.1Device Management ToolFDT 1.2Learn More
Pepperl + FuchsPACTware 4.1Device Management ToolFDT 1.2Learn More
Phoenix ContactPC WorxPLCFDT 1.2Learn More
Baumer A/SFlexprogramDevice Management ToolFDT 1.xLearn More
GE Oil & GasValVueDevice Management ToolFDT 1.xLearn More
HilscherSYCON.netDevice Management ToolFDT 1.xLearn More
Rockwell AutomationFactoryTalk AssetCentre (with Process Device Configuration)Asset Management ApplicationFDT 1.xLearn More
Schneider ElectricUnity ProPLCFDT 1.xLearn More
Schneider ElectricSoMachinePLCFDT 1.xLearn More
Schneider ElectricSoMoveDevice Management ToolFDT 1.xLearn More
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