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The primary focus of the FDT® standard is interoperability – between vendors, networks, devices, and host systems. Therefore, a robust and rigorous test and certification program was established early in standard development to help ensure standard and product compliance.

The FDT Group established an independent testing process, whereby accredited test sites equipped with the official test tool (dtmINSPECTOR) test DTMs for compliance against the FDT specifications – providing end users with greater peace of mind. The testing software tool determines the conformance of all types of Devices Type Managers (DTMs), including test cases to verify compliance with the FDT specification, Common Components and Style Guide in order to maximize interoperability success.

Once an FDT-accredited test site determines that a DTM™ has “passing results,” it notifies the FDT Group certification office. The DTM then receives the official certification mark acknowledging specification compliance.

For more information on FDT testing and certification for DTM’s click here.

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