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Update on FDT Certification

The FDT Group Certification Office delivered again many certificates over the past year. Year after year the number of companies with certified devices increases significantly. The counter is at this moment on 43 different companies delivering certified DTMs for their products. This is an increase of 30% regarding the same period last year. These 43 companies deliver in total over 2300 devices that come with a DTM!

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FDT Group Showcases New Tools for FDT Developers

Developers of DTM’s and FDT Frame Applications were treated to a live preview of the new FDT development environment, FDTExpress, at the recent FDT Developers’ Conference in Amersfoort, Netherlands on November 18th and 19th. “We are on track for the latest release of the FDT standard to our members in February of 2010. The new FDTExpress development environment fully incorporates and self documents the updated standard so the developers can focus on getting the product to market more quickly and effectively,” states Glenn Schulz, Managing Director of the FDT Group in Brussels, Belgium.

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New FDT Group Managing Director

The FDT Group Board of Directors announces that Flavio Tolfo, the Managing Director of the group for the last three years will take his retirement as of July 1, 2009. After establishing the FDT Group in 2006 in the organizational structure we have, Flavio was a key contributor to establish the FDT Group into what it is today.

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FDI Project Team Achieves Development Milestones

The Steering Committee of the Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) Cooperation Team (ECT) continues their efforts to achieve a common solution for field device integration. The Field Device Integration (FDI) Project Team has successfully worked over the past 18 months identifying use cases that encompass all facets of plant operations: from startup and commissioning; to ongoing maintenance activities and plant operations. This team’s efforts also included drafting an architecture concept that meets the needs of both EDDL and FDT technologies as they are migrated to a common standard.

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