Netilion, IIoT Ecosystem

August 27, 2020

Netilion, Endress+Hauser’s IIoT ecosystem allows intelligent and networked applications to be realized around the Industrial Internet of Things. By connecting the physical world to the digital world, data is collected and is turned into information. In just a few clicks, this information and knowledge is accessible. This allows Netilion to unlock new opportunities for the customers by optimizing their workflows.

There are currently five digital Netilion Services available: Netilion Analytics provides you with an inventory of your production facility within a few minutes and thus gives you complete transparency. Netilion Health lets the assets in your production plant speak for themselves. If the assets aren’t doing so well, you’ll know the reason and what remedies there are. Netilion Library saves and organizes the working files and documents of the assets in your facility. Netilion Value collects your process data from the field and makes monitoring easy. Netilion Inventory is a secure digital inventory management service that provides all the information and features you need to optimize inventory handling and therefore boost productivity.

All Netilion Services are easy and straightforward to put into operation – complicated implementation projects are a thing of the past. Data security is ensured by using the most modern standards and through audition by independent third-party certification bodies.

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