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The primary focus of the FDT® standard is interoperability – between vendors, networks, devices, and host systems. Therefore, a robust and rigorous test and certification program was established early in standard development to help ensure standard and product compliance.

Device Type Manager™ (DTM™) testing is available for:

  • FDT/DTMs based off of FDT 1.x
  • FDT/DTMs based off of FDT 2.0 (NOTE: A standard certification for FDT 2.0 DTMs is restricted to DTMs using DTM Common Components.)

The official FDT Technology testing software tool, “dtmINSPECTOR,” determines the conformance of all types of DTMs, including test cases to determine compliance with the FDT specification to maximizing interoperability success.

The FDT Group established an independent testing process, where accredited test sites equipped with the dtmINSPECTOR test DTMs for compliance against the FDT specifications – providing end users with greater peace of mind.

Please review the process for FDT/DTM test and certification.

NOTE: A standard certification for FDT 2.0 DTMs is restricted to DTMs using DTM Common Components.

  • Applicant finds an FDT-accredited test site to perform FDT/DTM conformance testing and handle all formalities to obtain a DTM certificate from the FDT Group Certification Office.
  • The Conformance Test procedure is divided into three main phases: the test setup, the certification test and the test completion
  • During test setup and completion, it is to be taken into consideration whether the test shall be performed for FDT 1.x or FDT 2.0 DTMs.
  • Once an FDT-accredited test site determines that a DTM has “passing results,” it notifies the FDT Group certification office. The DTM then receives the official certification mark acknowledging specification compliance. The customer will be granted the “IP license right of the FDT Group” to use the FDT Certified Logo according to the FDT Group Corporate Style Guide for certified DTMs.


For more information on testing and certification of FDT/DTMs, and to obtain the official FDT Group document “Obtaining Certificates for DTMs,” please contact the FDT Certification Office.

The FDT Group oversees a worldwide, independently owned and operated network of accredited testing laboratories that are regularly audited to ensure compliance with the FDT testing and certification requirements. The objective of FDT® certification is to ensure interoperability by testing the conformance of DTMs with the FDT specification. Systematic tests performed during the certification procedure, dramatically reducing the probability of interoperability issues and helping avoid potential integration costs and project delays by the user.

FDT Accredited Test Sites

Endress+HauserEndress+Hauser Process Solutions AG

Christoph Merian-Ring 12
4153 Reinach, CH



M&M Software

M&M Software GmbH

Industriestraße 5
78112 St. Georgen, DE
Phone: +49 (7724) 9415-0


KrohneKROHNE Messtechnik GmbH

Ludwig-Krohne-Str. 5
47058 Duisburg
Tel.: +49 203 3010


Thorsis Technologies is a member of the FDT Group.

Thorsis Technologies

Oststr. 18
39114 Magdeburg, DE
Phone: +49 (391) 544563-10


Schneider Electric AutmationSchneider Electric Automation GmbH

Schneiderplatz 1
97828 Marktheidenfeld, DE
Phone: +49 (9391) 606-2879
Fax: +49 (9391) 606-4000


Utthunga Technologies Pvt Ltd

No 8, 27th Cross, Banashankari 2nd Stage,
Bengaluru – 560070
Tel.: +91 80 6815 1900

DTM testing fees are determined by the FDT® Accredited Test Sites. Pricing varies depending on the complexity of the test to be performed. Please contact the accredited FDT Testing Sites for Device Type Manager™ (DTM™) testing quotes.

The FDT Group Certification Office officially issues the certified DTM certificate. Fees for DTM certification depend on membership status and type. Below is the DTM certificate fee chart:

2020 Certification Fee Schedule for FDT 1.2.x & 2.x DTMs

Type of CustomerFDT 1.2.x DTMs
FDT 2.x DTMs
Sponsor Member4K€ per DTM
(Capped at 10K€ annually)
Unlimited DTM certificates free
Corporate Member4K€ per DTM
(Capped at 10K€ annually)
Unlimited DTM certificates free
Affiliate Member4K€ per DTM
1st DTM free per year / 1K€ per DTM thereafter
Non-Member8K€ per DTM1K€ per DTM
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