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Interoperability is critical for comprehensive sensor-to-system integration today, as well as in the modernized Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) world for robust industrial applications. In 2005, the FDT Group established and currently maintains an FDT® Integration Lab designed to allow comprehensive integration focusing on interoperability testing for FDT/FRAME™ enabled industrial systems and instrumentation products. Located at Dietz Automation in Neukirchen, Germany, the Lab is staffed with FDT test support experts to assist in meeting integration and interoperability testing requirements.

Who can use the FDT Integration Laboratory?

The FDT Integration lab is available to the FDT member community for both developers and end users. The goal is to provide a comprehensive integration environment rich in the latest FDT-enabled systems, devices and device drivers, including a mixture of DTMs, and other device representations such as Device Description (DDs) and Field Device Integration (FDI) Device Packages, IODDs if needed. It’s the place to be for ensuring sensor-to-system interoperability and more!

Members of the FDT Group are entitled to attend formal interoperability testing workshops held twice annually at no cost. This is the perfect opportunity to gather for interoperability testing with a variety of systems and devices based on the FDT standard. In addition to the workshop events, remote access for interoperability testing can be established.

Upcoming Workshops – Check the event section on the website

The FDT Integration Lab is open all year long and available on an as needed basis for members looking to test interoperability according to their product development cycle. Testing can occur in-person or remotely. Testing time can be booked directly with Dietz Automation.

For a complete list of FDT-enabled systems and devices onsite, please contact Dietz Automation.

Dietz Automation

FDT Integration Lab Location and Contact Information:

DIETZ automation GmbH
Sandgärten 2
34626 Neukirchen, Germany

Contact: Angela Weigand
Tel.: +0049 (0)6694 919101

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