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Diverse Global End Users Represent the “Face of FDT”

FDT’s prominent face in process, factory and hybrid automation is as diverse as the scope of its applications.

Around the world, major manufacturers and industrial organizations have implemented FDT Technology to help improve plant device interoperability, reliability, and maintenance, while at the same time, preventing unplanned shutdowns, reduce downtime and lower maintenance costs in a wide range of plant automation applications.

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FDT Offers Great Promise for Automation Suppliers

From the outset, the FDT Group and its members worldwide have shared a common goal: open integration of control systems and instrumentation in multi-vendor environments, with the resulting benefits of freedom of choice, reduced integration costs and, most importantly, the…

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Plant Life Cycle Management Sees Increased Value When a Project Starts with the End in Mind

Making automation decisions for new construction, upgrades or even small retrofit projects takes careful planning and a short / long term strategy that combines what is effective for the operation of the plant today and in the future. These decisions impact all phases of the plant’s life cycle or specifically the industrial automation life cycle which, in many cases has a shorter life cycle horizon than the other more physical infrastructure elements of the plant.

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Device Interoperability: The Hidden Layer

Automation World Article: Control and asset management systems are appreciated for their ability to ease configuration, management and diagnostics of intelligent devices in the field. The Field Device Tool (FDT) is the unseen interface that makes it all happen.

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