Press releases

Certification of FDT® Enabled Products Reaches a Record Pace

Jodoigne, Belgium, 28 November 2012

FDT2 Developer Conference in Bangalore, India

Hands on developer seminar for FDT2 Frame Applications and FDT2 DTMs to be held in
Bangalore, India

Jodoigne, Belgium, 5 October 2012

FDT Group Launches FDT YouTube Video Channel

The FDT Group YouTube Channel provides a new social resource for users and developers worldwide to learn more about FDT Technology and FDT-enabled products

FDT Group Member Companies Develop 26 FDT2 DTMs in Just Two Days

FDT Developers Workshop for FDT2 DTMs using FDT2 Common Components demonstrates the ease of developing DTMs.

Jodoigne, Belgium, 19 June 2012

FDT Group Announces Record Certification Trend

The FDT Group Certification Office has issued DTM certifications for more than 900 devices in the first 6 months of 2012.

Jodoigne, Belgium, 19 June 2012