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If you are interested in learning more about FDT activities in North America, please contact Maggie Carlson at na [dot] marketing [at] fdtgroup [dot] org or call: 512.428.4979.


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Date Location Details
September 9-11, 2014 Houston, TX

Yokogawa User Group

FDT will be exhibiting at the Yokogawa User Group.

Come see us, register Today: https://www.regonline.com/builder/site/?eventid=1380999

September 23, 2014


FDT Webinar - Registration Coming Soon

November 17-18, 2014

Anaheim, CA

Rockwell User Group - PSUG

FDT will be exhibiting at the Rockwell PSUG event.

Come see us!  Registration Coming Soon

2015 College Station, TX Instrumentation Symposium for the Process Industries at Texas A&M

FDT Speaking Engagement Offer: 

Schedule an FDT Speaker Today to learn about the latest strategies to gain "Bottom Line Benefits of Intelligent Device Information Integration."

Presentation is designed for:

  • Industrial automation professional organizations (ie: ISA Sections, IEEE, etc.)
  • End Users
  • EPC/Integrators

At no cost to you, FDT will provide a short presentation  and demonstration  in a non-commerical, vendor neutral environment.  If your company or organization is interested in scheduling an FDT Speaker to come to your office or section event, please send an email to na [dot] marketing [at] fdtgroup [dot] org or call: 512.428.4979.

Download the FDT Presentation Abstract/White_Paper to learn more about our presentation.


FDT in the News in North America

Preventing Configuration Mistakes with a DTM
FDT can Improve One of the Largest Time-Consuming Job Functions for Maintenance Engineers--Device Configuration Mistakes. Learn How

Wireless Device Configuration Made Easy Using FDT Technology
Learn How FDT Technology Is Used to Integrate an YTA Yokogawa Wireless Temperature Transmitter Based on ISA100 Wireless Technology

End-User Benefits of Certified FDT/DTMs
What Is FDT Certification Testing? Find Out

Using a DTM to Simplify Joining a BULLET WirelessHART Adapter to a Wireless Network
This Article Outlines the Steps Required to Add an Adapter and to Configure It to Join the Wireless Networking Using a Device Type Manager (DTM)

Commission and Diagnose a Device Communication Problem from the Comfort of the Control Room?
FDT Can Reduce the Start-Up Node Commission Time by Up to 80% ?

How FDT Can Be Integrated into Plant Asset Management
Integrated Asset Management Tools Can Help You Operate and Maintain Processes

Human Centered Design (HCD) in an FDT/DTM Environment
We Need a New Way to Interface With Field Devices That Increases Productivity, Reduces Training Needs, and Reduces Human Error

FDT Provides Complete Network Visibility
The THLink Network Adapter Himstedt Provides Visibility to Not Only Network Health, But Also Gives Operators the Ability to Troubleshoot Device Alarms from the Control Room

FDT--Your APP for Smart Device Information Integration!
See How FDT Provides the "Enabling" Features for Process Automation the Same Way the "App" Does for "Smart Phones"

FDT "Enabling Technology"
It Is Getting Hard to Differentiate the Cell Phones From Our Computers!

iDTM Builds a Bridge Between FDT and EDDL Device Integration Technologies
End Users, Engineering Firms and System Integrators Had a Tough Time Deciding Whether to Standardize on EDDL or FDT. They Don't Anymore. Here's Why

The Road Ahead for FDT Technology
FDT Is Now An Internationally Recognized Standard in the Form of IEC 62453. What Is Next on the "To Do" List for the FDT Group?

FDT Technology Provides Valuable Information on the Desktop
End Users Benefit from Trend in Increased Visibility of Diagnostic Information

Using FDT Technology to Expedite Fieldbus Commissioning
Users Embrace Advancements to Installation and Commissioning Practices with FDT Technology

Quality Assurance of FDT Technology with Testing and Certification
Costs and Resources Associated with Familiarization, Training and Re-Training of Engineers or Maintenance Personnel Has Risen Disproportionately Higher Compared to the Facility Size and Device Count

FDT Technology Achieves IEC Global Standard Approval
FDT Technology Gains International Standard Approval

FDT Frame Applications Standardize Smart Device Integration and Management
End Users Request A Technology that Provides One Software Tool, Integrating Device Assets

FDT Technology—What Are DTMs?
What’s the Scoop on DTMs?

FDT for Your Factory (VIDEO)
FDT Technology Standardizes the Communication Interface between Field Devices and Systems

FDT Group Evolves Its Technology to Meet End Users Needs
The FDT2.0 Project Will Incorporate Increasing Device Capabilities with Latest Advances in Technology

The Components of FDT Technology: A Basic Introduction to DTMs and the FDT Frame
DTMs and the FDT Frame, How Do They Work?

FDT Technology – Delivers a Hole In One!
Implementing Best-in-Class Devices for Control and Monitoring Applications

FDT Presentations

These presentations are password protected.

If you are interested in reviewing the presentations below, email na [dot] marketing [at] fdtgroup [dot] org for the password.

Presentations Include:
Technical Documents and Brochures

North American Marketing Committee

Leader: Shannon Foos - Rockwell Automation
Commitee Members:
  • David Huffman - ABB
  • Leo Hughes - Dresser
  • Maggie Carlson - FDT Group
  • Chuck Micallef - FDT Group (press contact)
  • Mike Bulow - Flowserve
  • John Yingst - Honeywell
  • Paul Tungseth - ifak
  • Brian Courchesne - Invensys
  • Rita Mazzola - LCCC
  • Mark Buzzell - Metso Automation
  • Ed Ladd - Mitsubishi Electric
  • Kenan Sengun - M&M Software GMBH
  • Kristen Barbour - Pepperl + Fuchs
  • Arnold Offner - Phoenix Contact
  • James Powell - Siemens
  • Bernd Kremer - Trebing + Himstedt
  • James Masterson - Turck
  • Chris Lewis - VEGA
  • Amit Ajmeri - Yokogawa
If you are a member of the FDT Group and would like to join the North American Marketing Committee, please send an email to na [dot] marketing [at] fdtgroup [dot] org
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