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  • New FDT2 Specification Provides Enhances Security and Improved Performance Download 419 Kb 
  • FDT2 Architectures integrating FDI Device Packages Download 144 Kb
  • How to Specify FDT Technology "Preventing unplanned shutdowns, reducing downtime, and lowering maintenance cost have been shown to provide significant financial benefits. One way to achieve these results is to make certain that all installed assets are used to the best of their ability. This paper provides an overview of FDT Technology and describes how it enables these benefits. To make sure you are getting the real thing, purchasing specifications are suggested to help ensure you can put your assets to work." (2011) Download 217 Kb
  • ARC Insight "Value Proposition for FDT Technology Continues to Increase" (2010) Download 64,00 Kb


  • ARC View: FDT Finds Favor for Factory Fieldbus Flexibility November 1, 2012
    Traditionally, FDT (Field Device Technology) had been associated largely with process automation and process field devices, but this is no longer the case. Suppliers in the factory automation space are now adopting FDT because they find it affords them the technical flexibility needed to deal with the wide range of product configurations their customers demand. Factory equipment suppliers and machine builders, even major ones, must comply with the system specifications demanded by end user manufacturers. As a result, they must deliver their products to support one of many different combinations of factory automation system and fieldbus. ARC spoke with one major equipment supplier that now uses FDT to increase product flexibility without adding permutations to its product design.
    Download the full article to read more

  • FDT 2.0 Takes Flight (ARC View, 03/2011) Download 213 Kb

FDT Movie

Are you looking for an easy to understand introduction to FDT and its benefits? Have you always thought it would be nice to have something else to explain FDT than just a normal PowerPoint presentation?

Just follow the link on the image above to see our brand new FDT movie!

Find out more about how FDT can be implemented in any plant; learn about its benefits throughout the whole life cycle and its vendor as well as communication protocol independence. You will also see an interesting interview with a customer about his experiences with FDT.

FDT Podcast

Gary Mintchell had a interview with Glenn Schulz, Glenn gave a clear description of the technologies of FDT and DTM's plus a good description of the benefits to operations, maintenance and engineering.



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